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  Unsurprisingly this year’s ranking of the UK’s richest 1,000 people by the Sunday Times continues to be dominated by financiers, hedge funders and property tycoons.


  Yet delve a bit deeper and the list reveals some less obvious ways to become one of the super-rich.


  We look at six of the career choices which you wouldn’t typically bet on to bring in the big bucks.


  1. Egg farming


  "The egg market is big" - that’s how egg producer Noble Foods put it.

  “鸡蛋市场非常巨大”——鸡蛋生产商Noble Foods这样评价说道。

  In the UK, we eat a staggering 30 million eggs every day and as chairman of Noble Foods, Peter Dean has amassed a 212m pounds fortune from the family egg business, putting him at 534 on the list.

  在英国,人们每天竟然要吃掉3000万个鸡蛋,而作为Noble Foods公司董事长,皮特·迪安从家族鸡蛋生意中累计了2.12亿英镑的财富,使他排在了《泰晤士报》榜单的第534位。

  2. Pet food


  Never underestimate how much people love their pets. Most owners think of their animals as members of the family and are willing to spend big to prove it, making it a lucrative industry.


  British husband and wife duo Tony and Christina Quinn - listed at number 446 with a 255m pounds joint fortune - set up their business catering to pampered pets after emigrating to Australia.


  The pair sold the business in 2015 for AU$410m - the equivalent of 250m pounds today.


  3. Crumpets


  Thomas Warburton and his wife Ellen opened a grocery shop in 1870. When sales fell in 1870, Ellen switched to baking bread, with her loaves becoming an instant success.


  The firm now sells 500m pounds a year’s worth of bread, crumpets, fruit loaf, muffins, tea cakes and wraps. It claims over a quarter of all bakery products eaten in the UK are produced by them.


  Their enduring popularity has made them plenty of dough - putting the Warburton family at 225 on the list with a 545m pounds fortune.


  4. Soap


  Everyone needs to wash. Soap brand Imperial Leather has helped power Anthony Green, former chairman of household products firm PZ Cussons, and the Zochonis family, descendants of company owner George Zochonis, to 170th on the list with a 541m pounds fortune.

  每个人都需要洗手洗澡。香皂品牌“帝王肌肤(Imperial Leather)”使得安东尼·格林(家用产品公司PZ Cussons前董事长)和 Zochonis家族(公司所有者George Zochonis的后裔)以5.41亿英镑资产名列榜单第170位。

  5. Packaging


  Boxes of juice may seem a pretty everyday item now. But back in the 1950s, sterile and watertight containers were seen as a novel alternative to glass bottles.


  Tetra Pak founder Ruben Rausing came up with the idea after watching his wife make sausages by tying up the ends, and wondering if a similar system would work for milk, according to the New York Times.


  Last year the firm sold 188 billion Tetra Pak packages.


  6. Market trader


  Starting out as a market trader isn’t an obvious route to wealth, yet at least one person on the list started out this way.


  Former market trader Chris Dawson founded the Range discount stores which he describes as "the working man’s John Lewis". Together with his wife Sarah Dawson, he’s now worth 1.9bn pounds and ranked 67th on the list.



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